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  • Mastering Financial Modelling for Project Finance

    June 2017 , 5 - 9
    Venue : Accra - Ghana,
    Language: English

    Good knowledge of financial modelling is an essential skill in project finance. Financial Modelling provides analytical framework which represent the present and project through the future financial t... more

  • Workshop on Enterprise Risk Management

    June 2017 , 26 - 30
    Venue : Lome, Togo,
    Language: English/French

    Business organizations particularly financial Institutions are faced with risks arising from various sources in their daily operations. The challenge is therefore to properly assess these risks in ord... more

  • Executive Learning Visit to KfW Development Bank & Global Sustainable Finance Conference

    July 2017 , 10-14
    Venue : Frankfurt & Karlsruhe, Germany,
    Language: English/French

    Executive Visit to KfW Development Bank In 2016, AADFI organized an Executive Learning Visit to KfW Development Bank of Germany. The visit was attended by over 30 Senior Executiv... more

  • MSME Project Diagnosis, Restructuring & Rehabilitation

    July 2017 , 24-28
    Venue : Abuja-Nigeria,
    Language: English

    In many instances, well thought-out projects may derail or fail due to a number of factors which may be external or internally prompted. Some of the problems may have been there from implementation ha... more

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