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  • Workshop on Enterprise Risk Management

    August 2017 , 7 - 11
    Venue : Lome, Togo,
    Language: French

    Business organizations particularly financial Institutions are faced with risks arising from various sources in their daily operations. The challenge is therefore to properly assess these risks in ord... more

  • MSME Project Diagnosis, Restructuring & Rehabilitation

    September 2017 , 4-8
    Venue : Abuja-Nigeria,
    Language: English

    In many instances, well thought-out projects may derail or fail due to a number of factors which may be external or internally prompted. Some of the problems may have been there from implementation ha... more

  • Workshop on Mastering Lease Financing for SMEs

    September 2017 , 25-29
    Venue : Lagos-Nigeria,
    Language: English

    Leasing has emerged over the years as a successful method for financing business activities including SMEs. Lease finance is very similar to the conventional lending, as such, the lessor (lender) is ... more

  • Professional Certificate Programme in Development Finance -Foundation Level

    October 2017 , 2-11
    Venue : Midrand, South Africa,
    Language: English

    It is a consensus that addressing the challenges of development in Africa call for a holistic approach of which building desired capacity in development financing is pivotal. Fundamentally, achieving ... more

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